Danish breeding company begins cattle-semen export to Thailand

The Danish cattle breeding company, Viking Genetics, announced on Wednesday it has received an order for bull semen from Thailand’s Dairy Farming Promotion Organisation (DFPO). The initial order is for different specimens of Danish bull semen.

Viking Genetics Export Manager H.C Hansen said the deal concerned 2,000 Holstein semen shots, 350 Danish Red semen shots and 150 gender-sorted Danish Red cattle-semen shots. The order was agreed to a few weeks ago during the business delegation to Thailand arranged by the DTCC agro-dairy group in mid January in which Viking Genetics participated. See article here. The value of the order is undisclosed.

“The genetics of Danish cattle meet high standards, which enable them to deliver a large amount of milk. The Thai cattle, however, are used to warm temperature. When you combine these two elements, you get great results in milk production,” H.C. Hansen explained.

Photo: Viking Genetics
Photo: Viking Genetics

The demand for milk in Thailand is increasing, but the quality of the milk cows still have room for improvement. Hansen said that the export to Thailand was just the beginning. The company’s long-term ambition is to export to all of the other ASEAN countries, with Myanmar as a high-priority market.Viking Genetics has not made any exclusive deals with Thai milk companies yet. So far the order has been made with The Dairy Farming Promotion Organisation under Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

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  1. I have plan to make cattle business in Nepal, willing to have training of breeding cattle


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