Danish company buys competitor – We must pull production home from China

Photo: Setiket

Production of electronics has for many years moved to countries such as China, India and Vietnam but some Danish companies still manage to keep production locally and now the company Melsen Tech will take over Setiket to pull more production back to the Nordic country.

According to NordJyske, Melsen Tech with production in the Danish city Skalborg will take over the Esbjerg-based company Setiket from 1 September. Melsen Tech produces, among other things, control panels, keyboards, and touch screens. Setiket makes products that are used in the construction and marking of devices including front foils, digital prints, and labels.

Marcus Holm, CEO of Melsen Tech says, “We are competitors, but also partners. We have worked together for two years, where you can say that we have been watching each other. Now we are making it official.” Marcus Holm explains that the pandemic and worldwide shutdown has made a takeover even more obvious.

“Customers are experiencing a greater risk of having products made in China – where production has been completely shut down. We must therefore take advantage of this in the future. We must show customers that it is an advantage to have production in Denmark,” he says. 

Marcus Holm explains that Melsen Tech has to position itself better in the market. “We must have a larger palette of products. We must be able to do more so that customers can have everything done with us. The focus is on boosting sales by getting more customers and delivering more products to them,” he says.

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