New faces in Team Norway in Singapore

From left: Nee Ker (Special Advisor) and Daniel Seow (Senior Market Advisor Maritime and Offshore) Photo credit: Royal Norwegian Embassy

In a recent article, the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore welcomes two new additions to Team Norway Commercial Section, Innovation Norway, Mr. Nee Ker, and Mr. Daniel Seow.

The Embassy writes that Mr. Nee Ker is Innovation Norway’s new special advisor with a wide variety of skills in electronic design, software design, hospital planning & design, healthcare management, and delivery systems.  

His experience includes Innovation and design of healthcare systems and architecture, hospital Planning, Design and Commissioning of two hospitals in Singapore, and management of Clinical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) in four hospitals. Nee Ker will be the key to Innovation Norway’s team to strengthen the capacity on digital technology and AI within Enterprise tech, Digital health, and Smart cities.  

Mr. Daniel Seow is the new senior market advisor Maritime and offshore. Mr. Seow started his career in International Enterprise Singapore (now Enterprise Singapore), working in the Infrastructure Services Division and responsible for the internationalization of the offshore and marine sector. He then went on to work in the private sector, which included a Singapore-listed company and a US-based Fortune 500 company.    

During his career, he has had regional commercial experience in most parts of Asia and was based in China for 2 years.   

Please visit Innovation Norway’s web page for contact information and further information about their services.

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