Danish Consulate General Shanghai meets tourist agencies

On 9 March 2016 The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai hosted 27 attendees, representing 23 Chinese travel agencies, to learn more about Danish visa application procedures.


Mogens Pedersen, the head of the visa department, initiated the meeting by welcoming all attending travel agencies and proceeded with a short presentation on the different visa application types, as well as giving an overview over recent and coming changes, such as the introduction of the biometrics system and the opening of new visa centres in Hangzhou and Nanjing.

After the presentation, the feedback was generally very positive from attendants, who could openly discuss, ask questions, and exchange thoughts on the ways the ADS and other tourist visa application categories work. The discussion generally revolved around topics, such as experiences with biometrics, the difference between STV and ADS, and the importance of enclosing the required documents when applying, which is essential for VACs in keeping their schedule of processing visa applications within the span of three days.

Mogens Pedersen commented “It is great that there is a general satisfaction among the travel agencies with our fast processing time and willingness to assist when needed. I am also very pleased with the positive communication between us.”

The purpose with the annual meetings is to show support for travel agencies, as well as to uphold and reinforce the legal procedures related to visa applications between the ADS accredited and the Consulate General.

Source: Danish General Consulate Shanghai

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