Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai hosted a school visit

Photo: The Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai.

On 4 September 2020, the Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai published an activity on school visited to the office. The Danish team were pleased to hosting the event and share Danish culture to visiting Chinese school children.

Their statement said:

32 Chinese schoolchildren were visiting the Consulate General in Shanghai to learn more about Denmark, and whether it is really true that Danish parents send children into the forest alone!

It is always a great pleasure to present Denmark and Danish culture to Chinese students, and this time was no exception. The 5-10 year old schoolchildren all already knew about Hans C. Andersen, but also got new knowledge from their visit. Among other things, they learned about the concept of forest kindergarten, a concept they thought sounded dangerous and crazy.

In addition, they were especially impressed by the Danish education system, and the many green initiatives in Denmark, which, among other things, makes the water in Copenhagen harbour so clean that you can swim in it

Photo: The Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai.

On 1 September 2020. was the first day of school for Chinese students and we look forward to welcoming more school classes to the Consulate General.

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