Danish Consulate Shanghai’s food event highlights the 65 Years diplomatic relations anniversary

The celebrations continue between China and the respective Nordic countries that established diplomatic relations there 65 years ago.

In May 2015 the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai organized a unique Danish – Chinese gastronomic event with two renowned chefs, Mr. Yu Xiao Er from China and Mr. John Kofod Pedersen from Denmark to celebrate the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Denmark and China.


Denmark has long been renowned for a very high gastronomic level and by mixing Chinese modern cuisine; the Consulate General arranged an exciting food evening, with a touch of the best from both Danish and Chinese cuisine. During the event the two chefs interacted with the guests and demonstrated their cooking skills, while creating a series of Danish and Chinese fusion dishes.

“Both our cultures have a proud food tradition and a significant part of both Danish and Chinese cultures is food. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to celebrate this anniversary with a gastronomic event,” said Mr. Nicolai Prytz, Danish Consul General in Shanghai.

“We should recognize that our relationship is about much more than traditional business and political and diplomatic relations. It has also grown in terms of our mutual cultural exchange and it is important to recognize the Sino-Danish cultural exchange as a significant factor in strengthening of our overall relationship.”

The event took place at the unique Up Arts Gallery in Shanghai. The gallery and showroom is build-up by 200 recycled shipping containers – undoubtedly one of Shanghai’s most fascinating showrooms and with a strong Danish design footprint

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