Danish Crown to finally begin export to China

Soon the people of China will be able to feast on Danish sausages.

Within a small amount of time, the Danish meat company Danish Crown will begin exporting goods such as sausages, pepperoni, salami and various canned goods.

More specifically this export-breakthrough is handled by the subsidiary Tulip Food Company, who after several years finally received permission to break the Great Wall of China and begin to export the products.

“For sausages and canned products alone, we see potential exports from Denmark of DKK 250 million a year. It’ll take a few years to build to this level, but Danish pork already enjoys a strong position in China, so we’re hardly starting from scratch,” says the CEO of Tulip Food Company, Kasper Lenbroch, in a press release.

And the companies expect the Chinese market to be vital for the growth of the Danish meat industry:

“In my opinion, the Danish Crown Group will soon have an almost ideal set-up in China. Extensive and well-established exports of fresh pork from Denmark will now be boosted by heat-treated products such as sausages and canned products. This will soon be complemented with local production based on Danish raw materials, which will put us in an extremely strong position in what in the space of just a few years has become one of Danish Crown’s most important markets,” says Jais Valeur, CEO of Danish Crown.

This move by Danish Crown serves as a runner-up for the Shanghai-based factory, which is expected to open at some point during 2019. The cause for this was, amongst others, a larger demand from the Chinese population for higher quality meat and animal welfare.

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