Danish Tican Fresh Meat A/S tests employees weekly to avoid halt in export to China

Ticans employees are tested weekly with an antigen test for corona. Stock Photo

Danish Tican Fresh Meat A/S, pork producer and exporter of fresh and frozen pork, are weekly testing its employees for Covid-19 in an attempt to secure a regular export to China. The weekly testing was introduced after a small outbreak of Covid-19 amongst employees at the company’s department in Brørup, Denmark which caused China to briefly close down imports of pork from Tican.

Previously other food manufacturers such as Danish Crown in Ringsted, Denmark, and the German slaughterhouses in the Tönnies group which Tican is a part of, have been affected by major outbreaks amongst employees. The weekly testing strategy has since also been introduced in Ticans department in Thisted, Denmark and the weekly testing has likely contributed to both departments avoiding further major outbreaks.

The 600 employees at Ticans Thisted department are tested every Monday morning with an antigen test for corona and the latest strategy has not immediately meant changing the workflows at the departments.

Because the virus has been shown to thrive particularly well in cool environments, special filters have been installed in the ventilation systems in the departments where the temperature is low as well. Niels Jørgen Villesen, CEO of Tican says that the filters were developed after the corona outbreaks at Tönnies’ departments in Germany.

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