Danish fireworks retailer accused of re-labeling products in China

One of the biggest suppliers of fireworks in Denmark, T. Hansen, is accused of fiddling with regulations and selling illegal fireworks. According to the charges, T. Hansen  had their Chinese suppliers re-pack and re-label 14.000 pieces of fireworks so it looked like another product.

The CEO of T. Hansen is facing prison if he is found guilty.  If guilty he will no longer be the CEO or part of the board in any company that sells fireworks.

The alleged fiddling in China might be an expensive ordeal for the company seeing as they are one of the biggest retailers of firework with sales amounting to six percent of the entire yearly income.

The CEO Bent Jensen is denying all charges and said to the Danish post ‘Jyllands-Posten’ that he strongly doubted that he would be found guilty.

The evidence is a number of emails where Bent Jensen made sure that the Chinese suppliers re-labeled a certain piece of firework from “Kansas City” to “Flames of Passion”.

In December the Chinese fireworks were sold in 76 different stores around Denmark.

Read the full article at JP.dk

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