Danish furniture manufacturer in Vietnam awarded for Corporate Social Responsibility

Photo: ScanCom
Photo: ScanCom

The Danish furniture manufacturer ScanCom has been awarded for its focus on health, safety and environmental impact.

Back in 1998 ScanCom was the first company in Vietnam to get a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and at the 30th October 2014 they were awarded for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the CSR Abroad Award by CSR Fonden.

The CSR Abroad award is given to a company that has made an extraordinary effort to increase its social and sustainable responsibility in a developing country or growing economy.

“This CSR Award is an important recognition of our long term commitment  to CSR, as this is deep in our company DNA and part of our business model. Sometimes it can be easy for the organisation to give up on certain CSR aspects, such as when you lose a contract to a competitor who is NOT ‘Doing Business the Right Way’. ScanCom does not compromise on these factors, and believe we will triumph in the end,” ScanCom Group CEO, Stig Maasbøl, says in a press release.

ScanCom is a leading furniture manufacturer, making outdoor furniture in hardwood, teak, painted wood, aluminium, steel, plastic and wrought iron, as well as cushions, parasols and a new indoor furniture range. ScanCom has seven subsidiaries located on three continents, with production operations in Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil, as well as sales offices in the UK, Germany and the US. The company employs up to 5,000 people directly and creates approximately 8,000 jobs at subcontractors.

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