Danish group CIP promotes new wind energy project in Vietnam

The Danish group Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) with its partners from Asiapetro and Novasia promotes the construction of the new wind energy project, La Gan offshore wind power project in Binh Thuan province of Central Vietnam.

The project is planned to be developed over a long period and once the installation of a system with 3.5 gigawatts (GW) of capacity is completed, the La project will supply electricity to more than seven million households each year. The work constitutes one of the first large-scale offshore wind energy projects in Vietnam.

The project is expected to create more than 45,000 jobs and a contribution of $ 4.4 billion to the Vietnamese economy once it is operational, says a study by international experts from BVG Associates. The economic benefits of the project come mainly from the use of national supply chains to develop the wind energy works, design and build the infrastructures, in addition to developing the installation, operation, and maintenance services.

Because of the long timespan, the project is also expected to create more opportunities for Vietnamese contractors to become more involved in the supply chain in the coming years.

Source: Ewwind

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