Danish-Italian delicacy shop opens in Hua Hin

Partly Danish owned delicacy shop, Gastronomia, opens up shop tomorrow, Wednesday, March 12.

Gastronomia is also owned by Italian restaurant in Hua Hin, La Grappa, and will be open everyday from 9.00am till 7pm all week.

The new delicasy-shop has address just next to Le Bistro, where Soi 84 meets Phetkasen Road.

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Take away and Italian specialities will be sold from the new shop. The Take Away selection includes 12 of the following dishes:


– Lasagna with Pork

– Parmigiana egg plant

– Cannelloni ricotta and spinach

– Spinach with ricotta gnocchi

– Arancini

– Fritata with spinach with cheese

– Quiche Loraine

– Meat balls ( pork)

– Salmon

– Stew Italian sausages

– Grilled Octopus

– Roasted beef to be sliced

– Chicken Gordon Bleu – breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese.

– Potato Salad, Roasted Potatoes, baked spinach, Grated coli flowers, Grilled Zucchini, Grilled Eggplant, Grilled bell pepper.

– Lamb shank slow cooked and vacuum packed.

– French baby chicken slow cooked and vacuum packed

– Rack of Lamb ( raw) marinated and vacuum packed.

– Beef tenderloin 150 grimes ( raw ) marinated and vacuum packed.


According to Peter Kirketerp, Gastronomia, are looking into the possibility of also importing Danish haring.

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