Danish Maximillian goes viral in the Philippines

The Danish ‘soulpop’ artist Maximillian has gone viral in the Philippines with over 15 million streams of the song ‘Beautiful Scars’ on Spotify.

The strong Filipino support has made the Philippines one of his top 5 audiences on the digital musical platform.

“That’s unbelievable. My mind is just blown. It’s great to see that I have so many fans in the Philippines and I love every single one of you,” says the Danish artist Maximillian to Music Geek.

“It’s crazy because I’m from a small Danish country and people from that side of the world are listening to my music. It is showing on the Spotify page. I love it! It’s insane! I’m so grateful,” adds Maximillian.

With lyrics such as ‘I ain’t gonna hide these beautiful scars’, the viral song is about facing your flaws and mistakes.

Maximillian has been a part of the Danish music industry since 2017.

The soulpop artist is previously known for his cover of Frank Oceans ‘Pink + White’, along with his own songs such as ‘Feelings’ and ‘Higher’.

Source: Manila Times

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