Danish High Court reduces sentences to Vietnamese pot growers

Two Vietnamese men had their sentences reduced with one and half year each after growing hemp

Taking their case to High Court in Denmark two Vietnamese men were able to get their sentences reduced, which will give them one and a half years less in jail, than what the local court had initially ruled.

The 31 year-old Thai Van Ngan is going to jail for one year and nine months while Tri Nho Nguyen is going to spend one and a half year in jail, the sentence said.

The case started on 20 December 2012 when the police found a pot laboratory in a warehouse outside Herning in Denmark. The police confiscated around 1.000 pot plants and 837 plants already harvested.


The two men explained that they were subcontracted to travel around as pot growers. They were transported from place to place and told what they should produce. Originally they came from Vietnam but lived in Poland before coming to Denmark.

With the sentence from the High Court they were also banned from returning to stay in Denmark for the next 12 years.


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