Danish support to Amnesty’s fight for Human Rights in Brave campaign

Brave is risking your freedom for your community. Brave is defending women’s rights no matter what. Brave is never giving up on what you know is right.

Those were some of the messages on the pictures hanging on the walls as Amnesty International Malaysia launched their new BRAVE campaign.

Nicolau Ruge, Ambassador of Denmark to Malaysia, attended the launch of the campaign and showed his support to human rights defenders yesterday, on Tuesday 16 May 2017.

The ambition of the BRAVE Campaign is to create a sustainable human rights change by supporting and working with and for human rights defenders.

Under the BRAVE Campaign banner, Amnesty International Malaysia calls on the Malaysian government to recognise the legitimacy of human rights defenders and support their work, ensure a safe and enabling environment in which human rights defenders are effectively protected, facilitate and support programmes to guarantee that human rights defenders have access to necessary skills, tools and training in order to conduct their human rights work, enable approaches to ensure that human rights defenders are connected with each other and urge international and regional human rights bodies to formulate policies and strengthen mechanisms to prevent and address acts of intimidation or reprisals against human rights defenders.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur


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