Danish TV-show funds projects in SEA

Saturday the 6th February 2016 Danish public service broadcaster, DR, was airing the annual charity show, Danmarks Indsamling 2016. The final donations ended on 97 million DKK earmarked to help people in extreme poverty. 13.5 millions are estimated to aid two projects in Cambodia and Laos.

DanChurchAid, DCA, tells ScandMedia that they expect to receive up to 10 millions for their project stabilizing Cambodian women in poverty.

For many families in Cambodia a strategy to survive is letting the men migrate for work, very often in Thailand. This leaves the women to provide for the children and the families, also leaving them as the sole voices in communities dispute over land and fight against forced relocation. A great challenge for many poor Cambodians, and a serious challenge for Cambodian women, as they are at the same time battling with discrimination in society.

“There is no doubt that the funds that DCA in Cambodia will received from Danmark Indsamlingen will have a very positive and long term impact on the most vulnerable people in Cambodia, so we are very grateful”, says Peter Bo Larsen, DCA Country Director in Cambodia. ”With the funds we will be able to support especially women living in the rural area of Cambodia and through a multitude of activities, we will make sure that they are empowered to take charge of their own life. This will help them as well as their families.”

The funds shall cover the expenses for housing, children, food and medical support. At the same time DCA are offering guidance in new and better income opportunities, as sewing and weaving or new farming techniques.

The democratic aid consist of law support and social guidance making them aware of their basic rights and courses on how to prevent and address gender based violence and discrimination.

Photo: Preben Hjort, Cambodia
Photo: Preben Hjort, Cambodia

At the Northern border to Cambodia, CARE Denmark is facilitating a project helping the harvest of poor Lao minorities. CARE expect to have collected 3,5 million DKK from the TV-show.

Climate changes are challenging the marginalised farmers in Laos. The harvest is getting more unstabilized and unpredictable.  

“In 2012 the rain was so heavy, that we couldn’t stubble burn the mountain plains and use them for planting. This resulted in a year where we got no rice”, the 45-year old ethnic Kounglouk farmer, Sher, tells to CARE.   

The organization will use the funds from Danmarks Indsamling 2016 to give farmers like Sher farming guidance and long-term weather reports.

“The poor farmers in Laos will have better chances to judge which crops are the best to sow and when to do it to profit from the unforeseeable rainseasons. Danmarks Indsamling 2016 is helping these families to go to bed on a full stomach”, Morten Faurby Thomsen, CARE’s program coordinator in Asia tells in a press release.

Photo: Bjarne Bergius Hermansen/DR
Photo: Bjarne Bergius Hermansen/DR

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