Danish wood briquette project to create jobs and reduce air pollution in Vietnam


Danish Ambassador John Nielsen visiting the project. Photo: Danish Embassy in Vietnam
Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, John Nielsen, visiting the project. Photo: Danish Embassy in Vietnam

A project recently approved by the Danish Embassy will create new jobs in Vietnam and help to reduce pollution. The venture project is undertaken by Danish C.F. Nielsen and Thuy Son Joint Stock Company. “When we visited C.F. Nielsen they showed us the machines and explained new features, how the machinery works and the long lasting durability that makes the machines usable for 70 years. Therefore, we decided to buy from them”, says Hoàng thế Lê, vice-director of Thuy Son.

The venture project is to produce wood briquettes and pellets from environmentally friendly material e.g. forest material such as bark, branches and roots. The project is expected to create new jobs for factory workers and on top of that to create up to around hundreds of jobs for the forest farmers in the local area. Additionally air pollution is also expected to be reduced because burning of wood pellets is more environmentally friendly than many other energy sources e.g. fossil fuels.

C.F. Nielsen is a world leading Danish manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses supplying briquetting solutions all over the world.

Source: Danish Embassy in Vietnam

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