Denmark announces 2013 Priorities for Vietnam

The Danish Ambassador H.E. Mr John Nielsen announced on Friday the Danish Government’s priorities for Vietnam in 2013.

Ambassador John Nielsen at a press conference on 7 December, announcing the priorities for 2013 in Vietnam.

Mr Nielsen said, “With the Danish Government’s adoption of a Growth Strategy for Vietnam, we demonstrate our commitment to enhancing commercial relations between Vietnam and Denmark in the coming years.” The Growth Strategy for Vietnam sets out an ambitious target of doubling exports of Danish goods to Vietnam over the next 5 years.

The Danish Government will provide an estimated USD 57 million in official development assistance to Vietnam in 2013. Mr Nielsen said, “The continued high level of Danish development assistance to Vietnam reflects a commitment to support Vietnam in fostering a green and social sustainable economy. Since 1980, the Danish economy has grown more than 80%, while our energy consumption has remained constant. Together we can combine green techniques, cutting edge technology and well proven know-how. Together we can become smart movers.”

In 2013 Denmark and Vietnam will pursue the implementation of a Strategic Partnership on Green Growth, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Denmark has allocated an additional grant of approx. USD 14 million to improve energy efficiency in small and medium enterprises and buildings. In addition, a new trilateral cooperation on green growth between Vietnam, South Korea and Denmark will provide support to the Master plan for the Vietnam Green Growth Strategy. These activities complement on-going Danish support to Vietnam’s National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change and the Vietnam Energy Efficiency and
Conservation Program.

Denmark will also continue to prioritize support to legal reform, parliamentary strengthening, public administrative reform, transparency and accountability. Ambassador John Nielsen stressed that “in 2013, we look forward to starting up a Fund that will support NGOs to engage constructively in law making processes. We also hope, that our long-standing support to justice sector reform will continue to strengthen the enabling framework for private sector development as well as increase access to information and justice for poor and marginalised groups.”

H.E. Ambassador Nielsen concluded the Press Conference by announcing that the two countries have agreed to sign a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement in 2013. The Agreement aims to strengthen political, commercial and cultural relations between the two nations.

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