Denmark attractive in the eye of Chinese investors

Denmark is the 12th most attractive country for Chinese investments, according to the China Going Global Investment Index Report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit. China-Abroad

Denmark is listed as a high-opportunity and low-risk country and is ranked number 7 for R&D intensity, measured by R&D spending as a percentage of GDP, assessing a country’s ability to create and innovate.

China’s 12th five-year plan from 2011 has created a focus on access to advanced technology through outbound investments and, as a result, countries with higher R&D intensities will be increasingly favoured by Chinese investors.

“Forbes and The World Bank has recently ranked Denmark the best country for business 2014 and the easiest country in Europe to do business 2015. Greater Copenhagen offers excellent opportunities for developing and testing solutions within life sciences, smart city and green transport”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

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