Denmark sets aside 3M to support mistreated women in Indonesia


The Danish government has revealed it will set aside 3 million Danish kroner to support mistreated and abused women in Indonesia. This statement was revealed by the Danish foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, as part of the Danish delegation’s recent visit to Indonesia.

He announced at the UGM University in Yogyakarta over the weekend that the funds will go to the Indonesian Commission, which has worked for the rights of abused women since 2009.

“Violence against women, in all forms, is unacceptable and the rights of women are an important political priority in foreign policy,” said Kristian Jensen. “Because it is an underlying value and because women play an essential role in development.”

“Our support to the commission will help to ensure that local legislation won’t undermine women’s rights in Indonesia, such as education rights.”
In Indonesia many local laws contradict national legislation, including the national constitution and international human rights standards.

In 2014, there were 365 cases of local laws that undermined women’s rights, and while many cases were reported to the government and high courts, few were overturned.

Denmark’s support will be funnelled to the Indonesian Commission via the existing Danish partner regarding good governance, the Asia Foundation.


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