Denmark to take on Singapore in ship management

Denmark has great potential in ship management, and eventually Copenhagen can easily compete with Singapore in the area. This is assessed by V. Ships which have recently settled in Copenhagen. vships

“Denmark has a huge potential in ship management. Denmark has always had the know-how and manpower in ship management, and there have always been many ship management companies, that have offered shipping companies to place their ships in Denmark,” says Peter Abildgaard, who is in charge of V . Ships office in Denmark, in an interview with the magazine Maritime Denmark.

“Singapore has like Copenhagen been a place where ship management has been established. But it has become more expensive to set up in Singapore, the cost of living has increased. It’s actually been quite expensive to set up in Singapore, so it has become just as expensive in Singapore as in Copenhagen. Therefore, you may as well place yourself in Copenhagen, as it is not more expensive, and you get closer to the Danish customers,” said Peter Abildgaard.

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