Denmark’s aid to Vietnamese SMEs bears fruit

“The results achieved are impressive. More than 40 projects have been supported and nearly 30.000 jobs have been created. More than 60,000 people have been trained, income for the farmers and households has increased significantly and an important additional export income for Vietnam has been generated” said Christian Brix Møller from the Danish Embassy.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam
Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

He was speaking at the closing ceremony in late November evaluating the support from the Danish Global Competitiveness Facility Programme (GCF), which has focused to increase the competitiveness of private businesses. With a total grant from Denmark of more than 11 million USD, GCF was designed and implemented to assist the government of Vietnam in strengthening the capacities of domestic enterprises to structurally transform into competitive players in the global market.

Denmark is still, by far, the biggest provider of grants among all EU member states. Denmark account for almost 25 % of the total grants provided by all EU member states. During 2014-2015 Denmark will disburse up to USD 90 million in ODA to Vietnam. The main areas for the Danish support to Vietnam are Green Growth, Climate, Private Sector development, Water and Sanitation, Culture and Governance activities.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

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