Denmark’s most expensive TV drama unveiled

1864 is the most expensive TV production in Danish history.

Stars of TV and screen were out in force on October 1 for the press premiere of 1864, the most expensive Danish TV drama ever made. Although many of the actors involved are well known for their roles in series like The Killing and Borgen, this production couldn’t be more different. 1864-20-thumb-822x548-40007

1864 is a period drama based around a nineteenth century war that re-wrote Danish history. That war with Prussia resulted in the loss of 5,000 Danish lives and more than a third of the country’s territory. As 1864 producer Peter Bose told me, “The war was insane – and it was one that we started.”

But before you think this series sounds like a history lesson, writer and director Ole Bornedal explains: “1864 is no war movie, but the tale of human beings. It’s about absurd political interests, human sacrifices and the Danish national mind. 1864 is a tale of time – a story about all of us.”

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