Divine justice for anti-Islamic Quran burning Norwegian perhaps?

Lars Thorsen, SIAN

It may be some people’s opinion that divine justice was meted out by the universe when the leader of an extremist Norwegian anti-Islamic group was involved in a collision on Saturday just minutes after burning a Quran on the outskirts of Oslo.

According to a report by VOA News, Lars Thorsen, the leader of the group “Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN) was deliberately smashed into by another driver and five passengers in Thorsen’s SUV were injured with one needing hospital treatment.

According to a video circulating on Facebook, the SIAN group first went to Mortensrud, an Oslo suburb that has a large number of Muslim residents, where some activists placed a burning Quran in the middle of an intersection and pushed back neighbourhood residents who attempted to put out the flames.

Subsequently, a crowd gathered and a woman grabbed the smouldering Quran and got into a gray Mercedes. But in a spectacular scene, the vehicle overtook the activists’ SUV as it was leaving the scene and then hit it at speed and overturned the vehicle.

The entire thing was filmed by someone following the car.

The event has been described by Norway’s domestic intelligence service as an “an act of Islamist terrorism.”

Said the reported source: “Scandinavian far-right anti-Islam activists have made a specialty of burning Qurans in neighborhoods with large Muslim populations in recent years.”

Source: VOA News


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  1. Nothing much. A few of the South East Asian nations objected strongly when the Quoran was burned in Sweden and some of our local readers in those countries might feel vindicated by this accident. Other than that, you are right and clear in pointing out that it is beyond our strict bilateral scope.

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