“Do it for Mom”-campaign asks Danes to make more babies


Denmark is experiencing a historical low birth rate. Together with potential grandmothers, Danish travel agency Spies now takes up the battle with a new sexy campaign and a new traveldeal ”Forældrekøb (=Parent Purchase Product, here meant as buy a travel, get a parent)”.

Wannabe grandmothers can now prepay an active holiday for their child and in-laws in order to become a ”Granny’.

According to Spies the solution to get more Danes to produce children is to make them travel more to warm countries. The “Do it for Mom”-campaign therefore suggests potential grandmothers to send their children to hotter destinations on active holidays, because studies have proved that couples that sweat together have more sex. This combined with the fact that people have 51% more sex on a sunny holiday will lead to more sex and therefore more babies and this equals more grandchildren.

Spies has already succeed with a like minded campaign last year, “Do it for Denmark”-campaign in order to address the historical low birth rates in Denmark. However, the Danish welfare system is still under pressure. Spies believes the ones who suffer the most of the dull number are the elderly women of Denmark who want to have a grandchild. Compared to the earlier campaign “Do it for Mom” the new campaign not only asks the Danes to conceive for their country – but also for their Moms.

Head of Marketing in Spies Eva Lundgren has an idea where the new Danish grandchildren will be conceived.

“We will definitely send many of the potential parents to Thailand, where Spies has lots of concepts-hotels with many activities and facilities for both grown ups and families,” says Eva Lundgren.

But they will probably also send many ”active” guests to Spain, Greece and Turkey, she adds.

The Danish travel agency is going all in in the fight against the problem with low birthrate in Denmark. On their webpage www.spies.dk they have collected training exercises to optimize intimacy and the same time toning your body and get ready for an active holiday.

Sources: www.spies.dk

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