Big Danish meeting at the Embassy in Bangkok


About 100 Danish and Danish related persons in Thailand will get together at the Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok on Wednesday 7 October about several issues related to being Danish in Thailand. The key speaker of the evening will be Anne-Marie Dalgaard, Secretary General of Danes Worldwide.

The meeting is expected to result in the creation of a new action group for Danes and Danish related people in Thailand to work with issues like the need for Danish language education for Danish and half-Danish children living in Thailand.

For retired or pre-retired Danes the most pressing issues are the reduction of the Danish pension when moving to Thailand, healthcare insurance, and legal issues like inheritance, home purchase, etc.

General issues are the newly passed right for Danes to hold Dual Citizenship and the withdrawal of voting rights for Danes when moving abroad.

A questionnaire will be given to all the participants, where they can mark the issues, that for them personally are the major issues they would like to join an organisation to help solve.

Sign up for the meeting no later than Monday 5 October at 12.00 noon. The signing up is handled by
On Wednesday night, DO NOT forget to bring your passport or similar ID with photo, etc. You will not be allowed in without it.
Snack food and drinks will be served.

The meeting is arranged in by Danes Worldwide together with the Royal Danish Embassy, Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Scandinavian Siam Society, Danish Women’s Network, Thai-Danish Club, Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors. Sponsors are Fyn Bakery, ECCO, Carlsberg Royal Copenhagen and Scand-Media/ScandAsia.

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