Dry toilet maker shifts production back to Finland

Finnish manufacturer of composters and dry toilets Biolan has transferred some of its production from its China factory back to Finland, as a result of rising freight costs and an operational restructure, the company said. biolan

A Finnish manufacturer of waterless toilets has transferred some of its production from China back to Finland.

Biolan’s factory in Suzhou, eastern China, was responsible for making components which were then sent to Finland for assembly. However the China plant will now focus on manufacturing products for the domestic market, where the firm predicts a strong demand.

The firm cited increasing fuel prices as one reason for the move. ”The cost of freight has risen considerably, although the main reason for the move is Biolan’s continuing development of its operations,” Biolan’s Kaj Paavola said.

The company also hopes to expand its factory in Eura, southwest Finland. Biolan’s aim is to double the turnover of its subsidiary Favorit, which produces compostors and dry toilets, from its current level of three million euros.

Source: Yle

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  1. As far as I know, the idea of dry toilet is to separate the urine from the solid waste from the outset to avoid fermentation that makes composting unnecessarily complicated.

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