Effective Swedish water purification showcased in Shanghai

Sweden’s water purification brand Bluewater used the Shanghai 2016 Aquatech water industry trade show, held from June 15 to June 18, 2016, to debut new water purification systems. Aquatech China showcases products that bring together the worlds of water technology and water management.


Bluewater’s customizable whole house filtration systems mean householders across China fearful of their tap water quality can enjoy the health and wellness benefits of cleaner, fresher water with dramatically reduced particles and contaminants from every faucet.

The systems are designed to deliver home users purified water for drinking, washing dishes and clothes, and taking a bath or shower.

“Using patented second-generation reverse osmosis technology, Bluewater’s Spirit and Pro point-of-use appliances are designed to deliver the world’s most efficient tap water cleaning and direct flow technology, removing most known pollutants in water, including lead and nitrates,” said Mr. Bengt Rittri, Bluewater‘s founder. He said the latest whole house systems from Bluewater were designed to meet consumer peace-of-mind demands for residential water free of contaminants ranging from limescale to toxic metals, chemicals and disease-carrying bacteria.


The new systems have won global acclaim for their second-generation technology, state-of-the-art contamination-removing performance and sleek design. The Bluewater Pro water purifier generates 52 gallons of cleansed tap drinking water every hour, 24/7, while using 82% less water than a traditional reverse osmosis water purifier, for example.

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