Bluewater showcases water refill station at World Water Forum

Swedish Bluewater showcased its advanced purification refill stations at the 10th World Water Forum 2024 in Bali. The Bluewater refill station will provide purified mineral-enriched water to the forum’s guests – including delegates, global leaders and environmental experts.

The Swedish company claims to be able to remove all known water contaminants from toxic chemicals as PFAS to microplastics and viruses. Furthermore, the company hopes to be able to end the need for single-use plastic and is currently advocating for a ban on plastic bottles.

Bluewater also launched the campaign “REFILL INDONESIA” which aims at promoting water refill infrastructure in Indonesia. On the opening day of the event 3,494 liters of purified and mineralized Bluewater was dispensed from the machines, which saved the use of around 7,000 half-liter plastic bottles.

Source: Bluewater

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