Ex-Finnish PM Esko Aho’s speech in Hanoi

Finland’s former Prime Minister Esko Aho’s held a presentation in Hanoi on September 18 about Finland’s experience in economic development based on innovation.

As part of the Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Programme Phase 2 to improve the capacity of Vietnamese policymakers, the event was a follow-up to a presentation made by Professor Goran Roos in late August.

Gifts exchange between H.E. Chu Ngoc Anh and Mr. Esko Aho

Opening the event, Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh said to serve the demand for renovation, managers, and science-technology policymakers should improve science-technology policies in tandem with sustainable economic development in Vietnam.

In his speech, Aho underscored the need to change ideas about knowledge, master future technology and devise strategies for innovation.

In the afternoon the same day, Aho and leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology discussed science-technology development policies used for economic development.

Aho is also former Chairman of the Finnish Innovation Fund under the Parliament of Finland and former Vice President of Nokia Corporation. He was part of an experts’ group to build the EU’s innovation policies and chaired a group to propose Finland’s innovation strategy for 2008.

Mr.Esko Aho and H.E. Chu Ngoc Anh visiting Finland showcase organized by IPP2 at MOST

In recent years, Finland has been among the world’s top 10 countries in terms of the Global Innovation Index and Global Competitiveness Index. The country was also ranked high in indexes scoring the efficiency of public organisations, tertiary education, corporate innovation and public-private partnership.

Source: ipp.vn, Innovation Partnership Program

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