Denmark shared clean energy transition insights at ConEx

On 13 September Denmark’s new Ambassador Rasmus A. Kristensen gave a presentation in a high level plenary on renewable energy and energy security at the EBTKE ConEx 2017 conference. The Minister of Bappenas, the Deputy Executive Director of IEA, the US Ambassador to Indonesia, the Vice Chairman of Kadin, the Country Manager of IFC Indonesia and the President Director of Medco Energy also participated.

During the plenary, Rasmus shared insights and highlighted the Danish transition from oil dependent nation to frontrunner within clean energy. It was stressed, that an important lesson from the Danish experience is how long-term energy planning and investment in renewable energy can generate jobs and deliver affordable electricity without jeopardizing energy security. Further, Rasmus underpinned that a conducive regulatory environment is essential for Indonesia to reach its ambitious 23% renewable energy target by 2025.

The Danish Embassy and ESP3 also launched a study about ‘Support to Monitoring and Estimation of Energy Conservation Policies Impact‘ together with EBTKE, Danish Energy Agency and Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics. Denmark’s Head of Development, Kurt Moerck Jensen and Head of Energy Cooperation, Soren Mensal Kristen, gave their speeches and presentation about Danish perspectives on the report.

The main purpose of this study is to identify applied and upcoming energy conservation policies and to see its impact on the Indonesia final energy demand. The results can be used as a basis reference for Indonesia energy conservation policies to determine energy conservation policies priorities, calculate energy savings impacts from the policies, and formulate activities and strategy planning in cooperation with various Indonesia stakeholders.

Source: Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia

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