Fake news says Putin accused Denmark of plundering Indonesian oil tanker

Media reports show a video that had been viewed hundreds of times on social media  claiming that Russian president, Vladimir Putin, had condemned Danish authorities for plundering an Indonesian oil tanker and stealing their oil.

It was found by fact-checkers to be fake news and what really happened was that about a dozen Greenpeace activists had gone out on kayaks or swimming in the waters off Denmark’s coast to block the transfer of Russian oil between two tankers. According to news reports, this happened on 31 March 2022. The environmentalists were trying to stop a ship from Malta approaching the Pertamina Prime, a ship belonging to the Pertamina International Shipping company, a subsidiary of Pertamina.

Pertamina is Indonesia’s state-owned oil and gas company.

The fake news showed videos of Putin speaking and claimed he was accusing Denmark of plundering the Indonesian vessel.
The information was corrected when Greenpeace said it had organized the action to call for a ban on the import of fossil fuels from Russia, after its invasion of Ukraine.

Danish police ended the blockade on 1 April 2022.

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