Finland helps Indonesia tackle cyber crimes

Finland has offer to help Indonesian government and private sector to secure the country’s internet infrastructure and suppress cyber crimes.

In a report by Akamai Technologies last year, Indonesia was ranked as the number one source of hacking-related traffic in the world, overtaking China.1Hacker-05_s

Indonesia reportedly accounted for 38 percent of hacking-related traffic on servers that Akamai monitored in the second quarter of 2013, up from 21 percent earlier in the year.

This is where countries with highly developed internet infrastructure, like Finland, can offer a helping hand.

“Cyber security has become an important focus for development and what we can offer here is our knowledge and experience,” Lt. Gen. Arto Raty, the permanent secretary of Finland’s Ministry of Defense, said during a recent visit to Indonesia.

“We’ve built strategic guidelines in the past three years — a long process to build a maximum understanding of cyber issues — and we are implementing it today.”

Raty said it was in Finland’s interest to offer such assistance to the Indonesian government and businesses in their fight against prevalent cyber crime.

Arto was speaking to the Jakarta Globe as a member of the Finnish delegation to the fourth Jakarta International Defense Dialogue 2014, held last Wednesday and Thursday, where officials from 46 countries gathered for discussions on the theme of “Building Maritime Collaboration for Security and Stability.

Source: Jakarta Globe

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