Finland hockey coach says China ‘won’t respect’ isolated player’s human rights

Finland’s hockey team’s coach Jukka Jalonen is accusing China of not respecting the human rights of the hockey team’s captain Marko Anttila after he tested positive upon arrival in the country and was placed in quarantine. 

IS writes that the LIONS team captain Marko Anttila tested negative in Finland before departing to China but tested positive upon arrival in Beijing on 18 January and was, therefore, by request of the Chinese authorities, transported by ambulance to the isolation facilities.

In Beijing, the threshold is lower than in Finland for a test to be considered positive and Marko Anttila was placed in solitary confinement in a quarantine hotel which, according to Coach Jukka Jalonen, is rather a prison.

Anttila is symptom-free but has a bit of virus remaining in his body. He is therefore not allowed to participate in training or matches until he tests negative twice in a row. 

“It’s sad on his behalf, but other countries also have similar cases. It could have affected anyone. If the Chinese authorities do not take action soon, we must consider other methods,” Jukka Jalonen says.

Coach Jalonen is not happy about Anttila’s situation and China’s extremely strict corona interpretations during the Olympics.

“This is a matter of a bit of repression of human rights. A top athlete who is healthy is not allowed to participate in the Olympics,” Jalonen says. 

“We know that he’s fully healthy and ready to go and that’s why we think that China, for some reason, won’t respect his human rights and that’s not a great situation.”

The Olympic team’s chief physician Maarit Valtonen believes that the rule is more to protect China’s image than the athletes.

“It seems that there are cultural and political reasons rather than medical reasons behind this,” he says. 

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3 Comments on “Finland hockey coach says China ‘won’t respect’ isolated player’s human rights”

  1. Never a good idea to organize any international event in China. This is a lesson to be learnt. IOC is corrupt and dumb enough to bow down to Han ethnocentric Chinese regime. Quite shameful and terrible.

  2. Yes, go home and don’t try to be a Karen and flaunt your White privileges.

    We, in Asia, are sick of your Western games.

  3. Does this really wonder someone?
    The best is to pack and go home.
    Let the corrupt IOC and the China government stay nacked in the rain due to their false behaviour for the Olympic spirit.
    Tokyo did it right to move one year further.
    This has nothing to do with the Olympic spirit anymore but only money money money for some corrupt functionaries from IOC and a false holy shine for China government.
    Let us enjoy the FIFA end of the year in Qatar. Games in a freedom country, only take care of the sportive spirit of football in that fanatic football culture country ….

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