Denmark has complained about the Olympic conditions in Beijing

Hans Natorp and DIF have complained about the conditions for isolated Danes. Stock Photo: Ernst van Norde

Earlier this week, the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF) submitted a complaint to the organizers of the Winter Olympics over “unacceptable” conditions for two Danish national team players at an isolation hotel in Beijing, Ekstra Bladet writes.

According to DIF’s chairman Hans Natorp, there are several conditions for ice hockey players Matthias Asperup and Nick Olesen, who have been staying in an isolation hotel for the past week in China’s capital, that do not live up to the framework they had been promised.

“The food is not sufficient and the selection is not suitable for top athletes, they do not have any training equipment so they can keep on top of their training, it is difficult for us to be in dialogue with them due to poor network connection, and the sanitary conditions and the cleaning limp,” he says.

The DIF chairman also says that the two Danish ice hockey players also do not have access to fresh air or psychological help.

“We have reached a point where it is humanly not in order,” Hans Natorp adds.

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