Finn kidnaps Thai stepdaughter bringing her to Laos

thai laos border
Photo: By nakhon100 on Commons Wikimedia

Some people do not get along with their spouses ex-partner while others seem to bond a bit better. A Finnish man, Jarkko Thomas Koskinen, appears to belong in the latter group.

The 43-year-old Finnish resident decided to meet the request of his Thai wife’s ex-husband, 37-year-old Yukka Marti Halinen. This was done through kidnapping his own 9-year-old stepdaughter and bringing her to Laos to be with her father for her birthday according to Thai Examiner.

The police have said, that no charges will be pressed.

Celebrating with biological father

Jarkko Thomas Koskinen arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Friday 20 September 2019 under the allegation of having to celebrate his stepdaughter’s birthday two days later on 22 September.

However, as soon as the candles were blown out and the presents were opened, the Finn brought his stepdaughter to Laos on 23 September. Supposedly, this was so Yukka Marti Halinen could see his daughter for her birthday as his ex-wife refused to allow it.

Jarkko Thomas Koskinen was able to bring his stepdaughter to Laos through the biometrics system at the Nong Khai border crossing in the North-Eastern Thailand.

Involving the police

Rather than contacting the police, Jarkko Thomas Koskinen’s distressed wife, whom he has a three-year-old son with, took to social media. Concerned friends who saw the post on Facebook contacted the police which acted on the accusations of kidnapping.

They were able to track down Jarkko Thomas Koskinen, but by the time they got involved, the stepdaughter was soon reunited with her mother.

On Wednesday 25 September, Jarkko Thomas Koskinen returned the 9-year-old girl to his wife and then left for Finland right away.

Police have confirmed that they were notified of a kidnapping which they investigated. However, they also stated, that because there were no malicious intentions, they have decided not to press charges against the 43-year-old Finn.

The police have therefore closed the case and will take no further actions.

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