Finnish attendance at Eco Expo Asia, Hong Kong

On 26 – 29 October the 12th annual Eco Expo Asia fair took place in Hong Kong at the AsiaWorld-Expo, featuring a number of Finnish leading experts and business solutions. Finland made up almost a half of the companies at the fair’s European Pavilion. The Eco Expo gathers industry experts from Hong Kong, mainland China and other Asian. The fair is an international trading platform showcasing the latest innovations in environmental protection industries from around the world. Areas of specialty covered at the fair include Air & Water Quality, Eco-friendly Product, Energy Efficiency & Energy, Green Building as well as Waste Management and Recycling. Its last day was also open to the public to promote eco awareness.

Under the theme ‘Innovative Solutions for Greener Cities’ the expo featured 14 overseas pavilions and group participations together with 10 zones that displayed a broad spectrum of green products and technologies.

In the Finland Pavilion Eco-Living, Molok, the City of Tampere, Tredea (the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency), the Tampere regional solid waste management ltd and Clewer Oy presented their technologies and solutions. Finnish company Visedo exhibited separately.

The Eco Asia Conference is one highlight of the expo. Nearly 50 government officials and experts from 10 countries and regions shared their insights on a range of topics that include green policies and business opportunities, waste management and recycling, smart sponge city – self sustainable water cycle, green buildings and renewable energies and usage.

Finland held a Finnish Cleantech seminar.

In addition, the Green Transportation Forum examined the latest trends in electric vehicles, electric vessels and green public transportation facilities.

This year’s fair also included the inaugural Start-up zone, which gave global exposure for innovative start-ups and brings exciting new elements to the expo. 15 start-ups from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Singapore showcase the latest green technologies.

Intro to Finnish agancies and companies in attendance at Eco Expo Asia:
City of Tampere
Tampere is Finland’s third largest city and one of the country’s fastest growing regions. Committed to creating a healthy, safe and pleasant environment for all of its residents, the city places high importance on its housing and building development and will showcase a variety of clean technologies.

Tampere region features strong cleantech competence. The strong foundation for the technology industry in the region provides a possibility to integrate cleantech solutions in products and industrial processes more widely. City of Tampere just launched it’s smart city ecosystem program called “”. One the strategic future topics of the city will be Smart Energy, Water & Waste. The aim of Smart Energy, Water & Waste is to use new technologies to better manage our scarce resources for a more sustainable world.

Clewer Logistics Oü
Clewer is a leading developer of patented water cleaning technology. It operates in the global market. Through our long-term development work, combining the results of earlier developments and the latest innovations, we create environmentally friendly solutions for more efficient water recycling.

Clewer group of companies is an Environmental technology company with products that are specialized in innovative waste water treatment systems. Developed and patented for centrifugal bioreactor for waste water treatment, the Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR) technology provides the highest degree of filling of carrier material on the market. Other patents include the Star-Up bacteria mixture, flotation unit, clarifier, optical sensor and fish-farming solution.

Eco Living Limited
Eco Living Limited is the first company addressing indoor climate with single solution – the every climate all-in-one ventilation, air purification and dehumidification system. Being a sole authorized agent for the clean tech Finnish company, Ensto Oy, in Hong Kong, Macau and China, thei products are manufactured to high standards in Europe which are efficient and sound from both an economical and environmental perspective. Other products include Ensto underfloor heating, LED lighting and EV-charging.

Finpro Oy
Challenging Arctic climate conditions have driven solution-centred Finns to create innovative environments for economic and sustainable working and living. Cleantech Finland brings together fresh ideas and best solutions for advanced cleantech business.

Molok Oy
Molok is a clean, safe and economical solution for efficient and environmentally-friendly waste collection. The versatile product range includes both Deep Collection® – and surface containers. The products have found a home in a variety of cultures around the world with more than 140 000 containers delivered. The environments, costs and time are saved on a daily basis by millions of people worldwide. This effective method has grown into a comprehensive product range for all waste management needs.

The Tampere Region Economic Development Agency maintains and strengthens the magnetism of the Tampere central region and fosters prerequisites for successful business. Tredea provides free services, information and assistance to companies and individuals looking to invest or start a business venture in the region. Tredea’s cleantech & energy cluster is rapidly growing providing sustainability and welfare to the region.
The targets of the Tampere regional solid waste management ltd’s environmental policy are waste prevention, recycling, waste-to-energy and reducing the amount of landfilled waste. The activities of the company include collection, processing and disposal of waste, research and development, as well as consumer advice on waste management issues.


Visedo is a Finnish high-tech company specializing in electrical power trains and power train components for mobile machinery and heavy commercial vehicles such as buses, lorries and ships. With these products, customers can create more efficient electrical systems that meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and deliver major fuel savings. Visedo has frequently been ranked among the top 20 Finnish growth companies and has been included on an international list of the 100 most interesting cleantech companies.

Sources: Consulate General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macau, Eco Expo Asia

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