Finnish Consulting Group establishes Asia hub in Singapore

Finnish Consulting Group’s Board of Directors recently visited the Embassy of Finland in Singapore in late February 2016, coinciding with the establishing of FCG’s new Asia hub.


Finnish Consulting Group Asia in Singapore consolidates the strengths of FCG Group companies, offering the best Nordic and international expertise to a growing number of clients in Asia. The hub allows FCG to work closely with their existing and new clients in Asia and stay ahead of business opportunities in this rapidly developing region.

The hub enables the FCG teams working in various areas of expertise to provide their services in new international growth markets. FCG’s increased regional presence and networks in Asia will also benefit FCG’s partners, including Nordic companies and organisations that have an interest in expanding their activities in the continent.

Auli Keinänen, Regional Director for Finnish Consulting Group Asia

In international projects FCG’s strength lies in their local market presence, in their solid and versatile international experience, as well as in their highly efficient staff both at home and in fieldwork, explains the FCG website.

FCG has been working towards sustainable development in Asia since the 1980’s, implementing major projects in water supply and sanitation and rural development in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Viet Nam. As the priorities of the countries have evolved, the scope has expanded include natural resources and environmental management, energy, agriculture, climate change, education, ICT, innovations and SME development. During the years FCG has gained experience from most parts of Asia, with a geographical reach all the way from Middle East to the Pacific Islands.

Based in Singapore, Finnish Consulting Group Asia is naturally well connected with South East Asia, but will work also with promising opportunities in other parts of the continent. The Asian countries are also increasingly investing in development in other parts of the world. FCG is well positioned to support this through its networks in Africa, Middle East and Europe.


FCG’s major clients include Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Union, Governments of Finland, Sweden, New Zealand and other bilateral donors. With the establishment of Finnish Consulting Group Asia, FCG stands ready to respond to the needs of the rapidly changing development financing market in Asia, with the emergence of new international financing for infrastructure, sustainable development and climate change response, as well as the increasing capability of Asian countries to finance their own development.

Finnish Consulting Group Asia builds upon the FCG’s long experience, utilising the expertise and solid project management systems of the company head office in Finland. The key staff members of Finnish Consulting Group Asia are long term FCG employees, ensuring the continuity and synergies between FCG Group companies. New talent is recruited in areas that have the strongest growth potential in the future.

Finnish Consulting Group’s Board of Directors visiting the Embassy of Finland in Singapore


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