First Mix-Balut event of the year

The first Mix-balut arrangement of 2014, took place on Friday, February 21, at L’Opera Restaurant and Wine Bar. Balut is an ongoing traditional dice-game played with enthusiasm amongst the Danes in Thailand.

Nutch & Soren Presmann took the first prize, while Eid & Leo Alexandersen took the second. Third prize went to Puu & Henrik Friis. The Booby and Balut cat went to Somboon & Soren Riis and Eid Alexandersen.  Chef Marco did the cooking laying the grounds for a cheerful evening.










Balut is a game invented at the end of World War II by an American soldier lacking playing cards for playing poker. He was stationed on Cebu (the Philippines) and initially named the game Poker Dice. Years later, in the early 1970ies a Dane named Niels Lumholdt working for Thai Airways traveled to the Philippines frequently and picked up how to play the game but decided to name the game Balut when he brought it with him back to Bangkok, Thailand.

The word “balut” in Filipino is the name of an unhatched duck egg and are sold by street sellers walking around screaming BALUUUUT. In 1979 Søren Milholt changed the rules of the game by introducing incentive points. Around 1997 a Dane living in the Philippines named Troels T. Carstensen added the Jackpot element to the game and Jackpot Balut was born.

This ruleset is for the Balut game invented in 1979 by Søren Milholt.


balut3balut 4

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