Float away in the magic of silence

After five days in a boat house you are ensured recharged batteries and scores of stunning views on the inner memory board. To wake up on the lake, go to sleep on the lake, eat breakfast on the lake, while green mountains and small uninhabited islands slowly disappear behind the boathouse is the most relaxing and peaceful way of travel I have tried.


Sangkhlaburi is located northwest of Bangkok near the Burmese border with one foot in the tropical forest and one foot in a lake. The lake appeared after 1983 where the Khao Laem Dam was constructed across Mae Nam Khwae.

Only the dead bold trees standing meter high in the lake and the half-submerged Mon temple tell that this has not always been a lake.

With Visit Beyond’s Lake House Adventure, you literally live on the lake. From the moment the boat house leaves the starting point it will stay off shore until it reaches its final destination five days later.

The lake has not yet been run over by plenty of tourists, so it is more or less yours during the trip. It gives a unique opportunity to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that appears especially around sunset, where the red and orange gleam from the sun reflects in the water surface and envelopes the boat house.

Every day has a new destination and a new adventure. We visited the coconut island and tasted an exclusive type of coconut. We visited an abandoned and overgrown but very charming hidden little temple that appeared out of nowhere a short walk from the bank through bushes and trees. We also had the chance to get close to the submerged Mon temple, a fishermen village and flushing waterfalls.

When not exploring and searching the banks for monkeys and other exotic animals, there are plenty of opportunities for relaxing. You can sail around in the kayaks, fish from the boat house or just enjoy an afternoon cocktail in a swim ring while the sun sets behind the mountains.

Looking for a unique experience in the Northwest part of Thailand, the Lake House Adventure offers great opportunities fulfilling a need for nature, silence and best of all relaxation. With no access to wifi and constant electricity, you really have the chance to float away and enjoy the silence, the lovely wooden made boat house and breathe in some fresh clean air.

The friendly staffs on board make sure you are neither hungry nor thirsty at any time of the day. And when the night falls over the lake and lights are turned on they mix a great selection of cocktails.

Booked to full capacity the LakeHouse can accommodate 25 people. We were 13 people, and that was appropriate. Travelling alone, as a couple or in a group the Lake House Adventure is ideal if you want to mix the opportunity of complete relaxation with beautiful nature and stunning sights along the lake bank.

If you seek action and true adventure, Visit Beyond will help you find more thrilling experiences. Though the trip had an amazing elephant ride and BambooRiver rafting it was not something that gave you a racing pulse or made you sweat more than you normally would in Thailand.


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