FPCI, Sweden, and partners announce winners of Climate Change Video Competition

The Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta, the British Embassy in Jakarta, and the Embassy of Italy in Jakarta recently announced the three winners of the #Indonesia4Climate Video Competition, media Medicom reports.

The competition was launched in preparation for COP-26 and open for Indonesian youth to enhance awareness of climate change as well as encouraging acts of kindness for the environment among the Indonesian public.

Climate change is very real right now with natural disasters and extreme temperature changes occurring in almost all parts of the world, including Indonesia. Speaking on the matter, Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Marina Berg said that climate change is happening very fast and it is scary. “We have a chance and make sure that we can do what’s right for the environment,” she said.

“And we must keep ourselves on track towards the 2030 agenda, with a sustainable and inclusive green economy,” the Ambassador added.

The #Indonesia4Climate Video Competition highlighted the theme, “Banyak Jalan Menuju Net Zero” (definition: Many roads lead to net zero). This theme was chosen to reflect on the abundant amount of actions, whether big or small, people can do to make the world a greener (and better) place. 

According to British Ambassador to Indonesia Owen Jenkins, there were 218 videos submitted for the competition. Each video shows a different awesome idea, from the food chain to plastic issues to recycling. The three winners selected by FPCI together with the Swedish, British and Italian embassies are as followed:

1. Aulia Suwa – Oceans and Food Chains

2. Hendra Wijaya – Sustainable Fashion

3. Alwi Johan – Recycled Hero.

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