How to be a bi-cultural family – Norwegian Seamen’s Church

Wednesday this week, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Pattaya is hosting a mini seminar and discussion aimed at Thai-Norwegian families. The night will focus on the difficulties and challenges of being a multicultural family with different languages, different cultures and different religions.

The speaker is Norwegian Steinar Rishaug who will try to give the participants the tools to manage everyday challenges that many Thai-Norwegians might experience.

Steinar Rishaug works as a Seamen’s Priest in Eastern Asia. Has previously been a priest in Paris for many years and in addition to education as a priest he also has a masters degree in family therapy. He has held seminars and lectures almost all over the world.

Lecture and discussion will be in English but partially translated to Thai.

Steinar Rishaug will be holding his mini seminar and discussion at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Entrance is 150 THB which includes a simple Thai dinner plus coffee and fruits.


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