How to Choose a Reliable Tailoring Shop in Bangkok

If you are planning to visit Thailand and also want to get your clothes tailored there, you need to be a little careful.  There are many tourists who end up with a poor quality stitched suit after paying a reasonable price. There are many tailoring shops in and around Bangkok, but not all of them are reliable. Here are a few things that you need to keep in your mind when considering a tailor for your bespoke suit.

Bespoke means bespoke!
A bespoke suit means it is hand sewn, and there is no machine job. The fact is that every tailor shop in Bangkok calls itself bespoke. But the truth could be different. Spend a few minutes in a tailor shop, and you will learn about their suit making process. There are tailor shops in Thailand that offers you handmade bespoke suits of top international standards at cost-saving prices.

Care for the fabric
A good suit often gets its value because of the fabric used in making it. Bangkok tailors can offer you good quality fabrics. The interlacing and the lining will also depend on the thread quality. If you don’t get a good material for your suit, it will never add to your style.  Whether you go for cotton or wool, it should be soft and breathable.

Understand the workmanship
The workmanship is also an important factor that determines the quality of a suit. There are many tailors in Bangkok that only take your measurements and pass the work to other tailors. You need to choose a tailor that does the actual sewing and has a team of expert tailor masters.  An actual tailor will work with more dedication and will be available for final tweaks as well.

Turnaround time
A hand sewn bespoke suit requires time. The suit making process involves several steps, including shaping, pressing, stitching, reshaping and so on. Many times, final product requires necessary fitting changes. You can always doubt a tailor that claims to stitch your bespoke suit in just two days instead of two weeks.

Design sensibility
If the tailor has no design sensibility, it cannot produce the garment that you have in your mind.  Unlike a tailor shop in Naples, a Bangkok tailor may not be able to accommodate your personal choices, such as high waist suppression or a natural shoulder. But they will just keep repeating that they can stitch bespoke suits.

But it’s never hopeless, till then Ambassador & Smart Fashion (AMBFA) is available in Bangkok with their expert tailoring services. Our tailor masters are sufficiently skilled and their dedication makes every suit perfect for people to flaunt their style. You can get your suit stitched in 100% wool or cotton, designed to fit perfectly according to your physique.



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  1. My boyfriend and I want to buy a suit for our wedding day next week, and we want it to be as memorable as it can be

    I liked it when you said that a bespoke suit suggests it is hand sewn, and there is no machine assignment.

    I will share this with my boyfriend to see how this can help us decide what suit to choose for our wedding.

  2. I like that you said that workmanship is important to consider to determine the quality of a suit. This is a good tip for my husband as he wants some suits and shirts to be sewed for him. He said that he wants his suits to be for his own measurements so they would look fit on him. I will share your tips with him as he is looking for a sewing shop.

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