IKEA to launch new collection with Thailand’s Greyhound

SAMMANKOPPLA, a new collection co-designed by IKEA and Greyhound Original Bangkok (Photo: IKEA)

IKEA announced on June 4 that it has worked collaboratively with Greyhound Original Bangkok, life style and fashion company, to design a new collection combining culture and way of life of Sweden and Thailand.

The new collection was titled in Swedish “SAMMANKOPPLA”, meaning “interconnect or unify” and was planned to be available in store 2020.

The collaboration between IKEA and Greyhound came from IKEA’s curiosity on other cultures and perspectives on life at home and the intention to reflect urban lifestyle in modern world where people tend to live in limited space due to tight budgets but still multi-functionality–the principles IKEA emphasizes most.

Michael Nikolic, Creative leader at IKEA of Sweden said:
“We know that people today want their personalities to be shown in their home. At the same time both space and money is limited when living in big cities.

“Since multi-function and creativity is a key in order to enable both a small space living solution and an expressive design piece, we turned to Greyhound Original.”

Establishing its business in Thailand since 1980, Greyhound Original initially was clothing and ornaments brand before opening its first restaurant in 1988. Since then, Greyhound has opened its restaurants in total 18 branches globally.

“We were curious to work with Greyhound Original since they have a great experience of combining the expressive design of fashion and street culture to using materials in new ways, reusing and repurposing it. Something that can be really interesting when designing and it is also becoming more and more important in the world,” Michael added.

Bhanu Inkawat, the Founder and Creative Director at Greyhound Original Bangkok said:

“For us working with IKEA was a great experience, learning about their way of working and how they stay true to their philosophy, how they are always in search of new directions and turning great ideas into beautiful furniture that is both affordable and accessible.

“At the same time, they are acknowledging contemporary Thai attitudes and lifestyle and striving to incorporate these ideas into their collection, an approach well suited to the task of making the most of small spaces in modern urban living.”

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