IKEA leaks personal data: Messes up apology

IKEA Singapore apologised for an administrative error on 1 August 2019 that revealed the e-mails of 410 people in the CC-field of a promotional e-mail.

When IKEA Singapore initially attempted to notify the recipients and apologise as quick as possible, it unfortunately went a little too quick, as the company now sent a draft of an apology.

The draft included lines in red which were crossed over and green lines which were to be added instead.

“In our haste to notify the customers as quickly as possible, we again made a mistake by sending half the recipients an internal draft of the apology notice instead, an oversight that we are embarrassed about,” IKEA said.

The company added, that the Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore has been notified of the incident.

According to straitstimes.com IKEA Singapore said that it will be implementing “effective ways” in order to prevent a similar error from occuring.

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