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Japanese culinary debut in Singapore

Syun is a new Japanese restaurant at Festive Walk, Resorts World Sentosa, well worth a visit.  The new restaurant which is close to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)’s existing line-up of outstanding celebrity chef restaurants is headed by the renowned award-winning Chef Hal Yamashita from Kobe, Japan, who has partnered with RWS to make his culinary debut in the international food scene with this new place.

Syun’s focus is on affordable modern Japanese contemporary cuisine, embodying ‘Jap-Jap’ fusion, a term coined by Chef Yamashita to represent his signature culinary style which plays on the blending of regional dishes from Japan’s various provinces and the seamless union of everyday ingredients with Japan’s premium produce.

The perfectly Grilled Cod with Saikyo Miso Yuzu Miso Sauce and Dried Mullet Powder which requires almost a whole week of preparation time is just one of Chef Yamashita’s many iconic creations diners can look forward to. A dish that put empasis on high quality beef imported from Japan directly is the Sea Urchin Rolled by Wagyu-Beef – where sea urchin is wrapped with two slices of Kuroge Wagyu beef then topped with caviar and served in a refreshing yuzu sauce.

Local flavours can be expected in a few of Chef Yamashita’s dishes like the Wagyu-Beef Shabu-Shabu with Spicy Ponzu and Yuzu Sesame Sauce. This homemade ponzu sauce is spiked with chili padi guaranteed to please Singaporeans’ love for fiery flavours.

Syun is located at Festive Walk close to other celebrity chef restaurants such as Osia and Joël Robuchon Restaurant. The 50-seater restaurant occupies 1,700 square feet featuring both casual dining space and 2 private dining rooms for 7 to 8 diners each. The interior of the restaurant clad in natural materials such as wood and marble, spells refined beauty and elegance promising to deliver a unique dining experience.

8 Sentosa Gateway‎,
Festive Walk, Resorts World Sentosa
Phone: 6577 8888‎

Assorted Sashimi Japanese style Iberian Pork Syabu Syabu with Walnut Sesame sauce and spicy Umani Ponzu sauce

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