Legendary ship Nordkaperen hitches a ride with container ship from Maersk

Danish adventurer and explorer Troels Kløvedal had his ship Nordkaperen sailed to Denmark from Singapore on board a container ship from Maersk. Troels Kløvedal needed his ship in Denmark as he is shooting a new six episode TV series called My Denmark. Rather than sailing it home himself, the ship hitched a ride on the ship Estelle Maersk.

Nordkaperen is 18 meters long and takes up the same space as 16 40 foot containers so it had to be placed in a cradle specially built for the occasion. The ships was then sailed from a privately owned port of Maersk called Tanjung Pelepas on the border between Malaysia and Singapore.

The ships was put on board Estelle Maersk in order to avoid Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and in the Gulf of Aden.

“I have had many great experiences in the Red Sea and on the Arabian Peninsula and for a long time I thought that the pirate problem would be solved. That has yet to happen so instead I had the ship brought home like this,” the adventurer explained.

According to shift leader Peter Svenstrup Jensen from APM Terminals at the port in Aarhus it is not unusual that container ships like Estelle Maersk bring special items to port but this was considered as something out of the ordinary as Nordkaperen is so famous.

Coming home from Singapore, it is the first time for more than 30 years that the ships has been in Denmark. The ship has sailed the around the earth several times. One of the last big voyages was a 3000 kilometer journey into China by Yangtze River.

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