Lego plans to expand their market in China despite fears of coronavirus

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Kids and adults around the world know of the colorful blocks and bricks of plastic called Lego. Many think of the plastic toys as a childhood-staple that brought them joy and creativity. And the last couple of years, Lego have put an effort in making Chinese children fond of the Danish toy, reports the Danish daily B.T.

In 2019 the toy giant opened 80 new Lego-stores in China. Lego’s plan is to expand the Chinese Lego-market with another 80 stores in 2020 – making the total number of Lego-stores in China 220 stores spread across 55 Chinese cities, according to Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of Lego.

“The short-term uncertainty, the coronavirus has brought, won’t make us change our long-term goals and the investments we have planned,” tells Niels B. Christiansen.

Despite the coronavirus causing a temporary shut-down of the Chinese Lego factory and several Lego offices across China the CEO reports that Lego haven’t experienced a significant decrease in Chinese sales.

“We can see that the purchases of Lego haven’t been in the stores but rather on our website instead. But it’s too soon to predict if it will affect our total sale of 2020,” tells the CEO of Lego.

Source: BT

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