Magical Christmas Bazaar in the Norwegian Church

As always was the annual Christmas bazaar in the Norwegian Church in Singapore a popular event. This year, it was held on November 9-10 and around 660 people visited the church to enjoy the smell from the fresh Christmas bakeries.

“It is about 100 less than last year, but it didn’t affect the sale. The raise of money was exactly the same,” said Øystein Tønnesen and added:

“It means that the guests spent even more money this year, so the bottom line looks excellent. We are very satisfied with the result.”

The bazaar had all what it takes to get in the right Christmas mood. Besides from the traditional food, it had of course the famous market with scores of home made Christmas stuff and decorations.

“The home made Christmas items are actually the main attraction. It is very very popular and all the things are very unique,” told Øystein Tønnesen.

The items are produced by a group of volunteering women who work every Thursday all year around. To get done in time for next year’s bazaar, they already started up the production again, told Øystein.

Neither on the entertainment side, did anyone miss out on anything.

“We had a brass band playing, a big lottery and other different happenings,” told Øystein Tønnesen.

“All in all was it a very successful bazaar. The atmosphere was wonderful, and with so many volunteers working to make everything happen, it was just magical.”

Photo credit: Lotta Lônnquist and Mathias Bergeld



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