Myanmar protesters nominated for 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

Demonstrators hold flags as they sit on motorcycles during a protest in Launglone, Dawei district, Myanmar March 26, 2021. Dawei Watch via REUTERS

Norwegian academic, Prof. Kristian Stokke and five other Norwegian academics have nominated Myanmar protesters for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

According to Bangkok Post, the Norwegian academic says the campaign of the civil disobedience movement that has sprung up in Myanmar since the military coup should ‘inspire other non-violent pro-democracy movements’.

Kristian Stokke is a professor of sociology at the University of Oslo. He told AFP that the movement represents an exemplary peaceful response to the power grab by the Myanmar army on 1 February and the civil disobedience movement is an important mass mobilization for democracy in Myanmar that is taking place, so far, with non-violent means.” 

“This pro-democracy movement, especially if successful, can also have consequences outside Myanmar and inspire other non-violent pro-democracy movements elsewhere at a time when democracy is under pressure from authoritarian forces.” Kristian Stokke said.

The proposal submitted last week by Kristian Stokke and the five other academics can, however, only be considered for next year’s prize as the Norwegian Nobel Committee only accepts nominations submitted before the Jan 31 deadline.

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